Saturday, August 19, 2006

I quit my job.

After nine months of working at my IT company, I handed in my resignation on Thursday. My last day is on August 31st. I can not describe the feeling, it feels like I just got out of a suffocating, highly stressful and hopeless relationship and now feel like I have the world and many fish in the sea for me to explore!!!

From the second month, I knew. I just knew. But I did not give importance to all the warning signs. Wanting to commit and grow within a job, I gave it a try - exhausted all my communications skills not to mention my self-control (not to shoot anyone, that is). My job was toxic - I do not think I have ever felt so overworked and undervalued. Although my position was good and the work was interesting, when you have it coming in all directions while you are already struggling to keep up and then your boss keeps demanding more work with better results - you just know either its time to quit or rip your hair out and explode. So I decided to quit. :)

What's next? I have a few plans... Among them are intensive business French courses (I realize that my European French is often incomprehensible here - strange Quebecors!), studying for University entrance examinations, a few freelance projects, community projects (Hana I will get on that article!), my Islamic centre and hopefully some travelling before Ramadan (finally I get to see NY!!!). I am excited and although I really am not enjoying this destabilizing stage of life with so many question marks in the air - I feel like I am getting closer to knowing what I want through a great process of elimination. My job, I definitely did NOT want!

I'm excited to see what is next... Rolling up my sleeves... BRING IT ON!