Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eid Mubarek to All!!!! What did I do today? I mostly ate and prayed. And then ate some more!! That's the Eid spirit! WOOHOO! :o)

Other news: I am starting a new job!!! After four interviews my darling IT company finally decided to take the ultimate risk and hire me: hyperactive Nura! So I am the marketing communications specialist for the firm, working as the right hand of the marketing manager and I could not be more excited. Finally I am learning to follow my passions instead of always needing for rationality and security. And it feels great!! Now not only do I have a routine but I finally finally finally have the stability I have been raving and ranting about all year! Alhamdullah ya rab!!! I suppose good things do come to those who wait - even those who wait impatiently!!!

Wishing you all the best on this Eid and all my warmest blessings to your families!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

You know, sometimes I feel like I don't want to be living in today's world. It's all such a mess. Important things have become so worthless and we have learned to accept so many things that we absolutely should not. Or are we just jaded? In Islam, prayers, zakat, fasting these are among many "fared" that we must do as Muslims and yet we are impressed when we uncover that someone who crosses our path completes their daily prayers. Yet, this is fared and should go without saying. Walking down the street of downtown, we see the homeless sleeping on the corner. But instead of feeling for them, in our minds we are annoyed that they are polluting the streets and making our paths more unpleasant. Among girlfriends, marriage and future mates are discussed. Many do not even expect their husbands to be chaste just because they feel it would be unrealistic to have such an expectation, and yet "zina" is absolutely HARAM in Islam and is among the greatest sins. What happened? How and when did our standards for ourselves and others get so low? It frightens me sometimes.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My New Year's Resolution

Spiritual maturity is definately the theme of this year's New Year's Resolution. I pray for forgiveness, for mercy, for increased knowledge and for my heart to become increasingly filled with Islam and God's grace this coming year. Mostly, I pray for patience and constancy in everything I do so that I eventually find the peace of mind that I crave in this little world of ours. Ameen.

Oh and did I mention those famous fifteen pounds I have been wanting to loose? But then again, they were on last year's list and the year before and the year before... so they dont count, do they??? Either way, diet starts today!

All my best wishes to all for 2006 - may you have a blessed year! What is YOUR resolution for this coming year???