Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The house is bare...

.. and I can't help feel as empty as it looks. Walking through the rooms my life here already feels like a distant memory as the sadness looms over me. How can the walls betray all the years of life and memories that were shared in between them? Traitors. How odd to leave your childhood home.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I finally booked our plane tickets so now it is official - we have two weeks left in Europe inshaAllah. Now I am in the midst of selling furniture, selling off my car, getting all the paperwork done, liasing with our moving consultant, typing up letters informing all companies that we are leaving and trying to squeeze in some time for friendly bonding. Looming over all of this is future thoughts of career and "what's next" that I have been surpressing for so long... I'm stuck in between accounting, banking, marketing and international relations - between needs of security and wanting to follow my passions. But beyond that, the problem is not knowing what I really want and what I am truly talented in. My impatient restless brain is going to make me rip all of my hair out, I just know it... On the bright side, maybe that'll finally push me to wear hijab!!! Must always focus on the positive, right? ;o)

Hope all you bloggers are well!! EID MUBAREK TO ALL!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Emotional Attachment to Objects

I have spent the last three weeks working hard to sell off all of our furniture and household items that we aren't shipping overseas (I have almost no respect for salespeople anymore by the way - all that blahblah just drives me nuts!) and I came to realize something.. I am not at all attached to material objects!!! Everytime I open a closet, I find that my mother has hidden some things that I have put up for sale - MY THINGS! Everyday is a discussion over the things we need to give away or sell because we just do't have enough space in the container and it is a struggle for my parents to just LET GO!!! My mother is in complete shock when I say I would rather just sell it off or give it away and let another child or family benefit from it.. and she says I have no heart!! Is it true? Am I abnormal for just not feeling attached to things, even if I've had them since childhood? I just feel so much more pleasure in giving items away. Is it strange that I don't want to keep a single thing (besides my clothes)? Hmmmm... I wonder..